How to Buy a Ukulele Online

Choosing the right Ukulele is surely a difficult quest. With so many different sizes, woods and brands to choose from- things are indeed baffling for the ones who are just starting out. But having said that: there has perhaps never been a better time to purchase a ukulele, given the hundreds of different models in every possible price range. And finally when you do end up with a perfect model, there is hardly an experience which is as rewarding as playing it. But how does one actually start out? How to buy a ukulele that’ll perfectly meet your individual requirements? Well, that is exactly what we are going to find out in the following sections. Read on, to know everything that you wanted to know about buying your first ukulele.

Choose the right size

Usually for ukulele, there are five different sizes that you can choose from. These are the soprano, the concert, the baritone, the tenor and the sopransissimo. The last one is the most modern variant of this instrument and it is incredibly popular for its tiny size of 16 inches. Like soprano which is 20 inches, this is one of the best options for everyone who are pretty adept in handling the instrument. There are different types of ukuleles like guitalele for instance.

If you are just starting out with playing Ukulele, try the concert ukulele, which is usually 23 inches. The bigger body and wider necks of this variant makes this quite simple for you to handle. Again, the tenor which ranges at 26 inches, slightly strays from the conventional ukulele by producing a deeper sound and is therefore one of the more preferred choice among experienced individuals. Here, Baritone, is probably the least preferred variant because of its huge base of 30 inches.

Both the concert ukulele and the soprano come at an easy and affordable price. All you need to do is choose the right variant, according to your requirements and experience.

Choose the right wood

In terms of wood, Koa is probably the most exclusive wood that goes into making Ukuleles. The beautiful grain of this wood produces a warm sound and it is usually used for the more expensive variants. If price is an issue, try the Ukuleles made from Mahogany wood. Although these are less expensive, they still manage to produce an excellent and relatively softer sound. Finally, spruce is perhaps the most common wood that goes into making ukuleles. These are less expensive and are usually used in making low end ukuleles like Mahalo. In terms of price and quality, Ukuleles made from Mahogany is perhaps the best option for anyone who is starting out with the instrument.

In terms of type, you can also make your pick between solid wood and laminated ukuleles. While the laminated ones are aesthetically beautiful, they do not have much difference in sound when compared to the solid wood ones.

Choose the right brand

Kala, Pono, Mahalo, Kanilea, Kamaka, Luna and Lanikai are probably the best brands that currently offer Ukulele. Among them, Kala comes with both expensive and inexpensive variants, while Pono and Kanilea particularly cater to individuals who are looking for higher-end products.

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