Ukulele Music Festivals of 2017

There are several ukulele musical festivals that take place every year in the United States. Below is a list of ten of the best ones occurring this year.

Alabama Uke Fest

The Alabama Uke Fest takes place at the Riverview Campground in Guntersville, Alabama. This festival will be held September 9th, 2017 from 10:00am until 5:00pm. It is an interactive music festival where campers can participate in open mics and learn new compositions and skills on the ukulele. Campers will need to bring their own supplies and food though, as it will not be provided. There will be a covering in case of rain but it is advised to bring rain gear as well. There will only be so many spaces for tents that are canapé style and it will work off a first come first serve basis. The campground is also only a few minutes from great restaurants and shopping centers, in case you need something during the festival or prefer to eat out rather than bring your own food.


10th Annual Denver Ukefest

The Annual Denver Ukefest is going to take place this year from May 11 – 13, in Denver, Colorado. It is a three-day festival that encompasses everything involving, or having anything to do with ukuleles. There will be workshops provided for every level of ukulele player, beginner all the way up to advanced. Not to mention the guest artists which include Jake Shimabukuro, Aldrine Guerrero, the Quiet American, the Canote Brothers, and the Denver Uke Community. All of these artists together are sure to make the Ukefest an exciting time for any perspective or current ukulele players.


Ashokan Uke Fest

The Ashokan Uke Fest will take place this year in May from the 26 to 29 in Saugerties, NY. The festival is family friendly, and open to ukulele players of all skills, those just beginning or those who have been playing for years. There will be skilled workshops, fun and exciting concerts, and awesome food. Children and teens are even welcome to join in on the fun and learn all about the ukulele. Lodging is available onsite for families who wish to stay close to the action. It is recommended that guest bring clothes and shoes for wet weather. There are scholarships available too for those who wish to go but cannot afford it.


Funky Frets Uke Fest 2017

The Funky Frets Fest takes place every year in Boyertown, PA and will occur this year from October 6 to 8. This festival has the highest number of ukuleles in one location out of the entire tristate area and because of this it has become the premier ukulele destination for those living in the PA area. The runners of the festival also own their own music store where they sell ukuleles, and other musical instruments. There will be performances by some of the most well-known ukulele players, as well as workshops taught by them for all levels of musicians.


Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

This music festival will take place only on September 30 this year in Las Angeles, California. Children under the age of twelve can get into the festival for free and it is open to all current, past, or prospective ukulele players. There will be several workshops and activities that give visitors a chance to join in on the fun of the festival. The festival will even have food and shaved ice vendors around for all who decide to attend. The starting lineup includes several excellent ukulele players that will all be gathered together and dedicated to making the festival a good time for all who decide to come.


Mighty Uke Day 7

Might Uke Day will take place in Lansing, Michigan again this year from May 9th to May 14th. Performers will have both daytime and night time performances, and they will also be providing several workshops for those interested in, or already playing the ukulele. Children’s activities and a few others, such as group strumming will also take place during the festival. The funds made will go to the nonprofit group “Music is the Foundation” which helps to fund music programs and classes in schools, and outside communities.


Mini Uke Day

Similar to Mighty Uke Day, Mini Uke Day will take place on November 11 in Lansing, Michigan. This festival is a mini version of Might Uke Day but with the same amount of fun and activities compiled into one all around fun experience. If it is not possible to attend Mighty Uke Day because of time constraints, than Mini Uke Day is the best alternative to still enjoy and experience what the festival is like.


2017 New Jersey Uke Fest

The New Jersey Uke Fest will begin again this year on August 25th and end on August 27th. The festival will take place in Whippany and Morristown. Although the lineup will not be released until May, it is said to be even better than the lineups that they have had over the past years. There will be an open mic sign up for those who wish to showcase their skills and receive feedback. Food will also be provided on site with vegetarian meal options also available.


The Original Utah Uke Fest

The Original Utah Uke Fest will happen again this year, making 2017 its 6th annual festival. It will take place on June 24th, and the location and lineup are to be announced soon. However, last year there were several free and exciting activities that took place at the festival. Some of these including free workshops and free concerts. There was even a picnic for all who attended last year.


Port Townsend Ukulele Festival

The Port Townsend Ukulele Festival takes place this year in Townsend, Washington from September 27th all the way to October 1st. The festival is open to all skill levels of ukulele players, from beginner to advance. However, majority of the workshops assume that those attending know more than a few cords and are comfortable with their ukulele. Food will be served during the festival and the workshops will have a variety of musical styles being played, including jazz, blues, pop, and several others.

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