Top 10 Ukulele Songs of all time

Ukulele is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world. Evoking serenity and bringing joy to our friends and family. The most famous ukulele songs include some classics, that we hope so, always remain classics. So considering taking up on the Instrument? or just love listening to the soothing sound of this four stringed wonder, either way there are tons of songs that would pop first in your head. As the ukulele has made its path into modern-pop, some recently played songs on ukulele have gained much popularity even though the instrument dates as back as the oldest classics! Many of the classics though, remain alive and extremely popular to dedicated ukulele players or classic listeners, proving once again that real classics can never really go out of style. The list of songs, that pop up in our heads when we think of the ukulele is large, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of the finest ones which consist of an interesting mix of the classics and new music alike.
To prepare this list, we have sampled through various ukulele websites & music charts for the most famous songs of all time. The frequency of these songs have been the highest, their ranking created according to their demand. There are so many songs with simple chord structure and easy rhythm to play on the instrument. We have included songs that have been originally played on the uke or are a popular cover on it. So here’s our list of the Top 10 all time favorites on the Ukulele!

10. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
Year of Release: 1961 Artist: Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley recorded this all time classic in 1961 and it still runs through the veins of many musicians and listeners alike. This old classic sounds just as good, perhaps even better when served up on a ukulele. The ukulele adds a little bit of sweetness, gives it a sort of another life. The ukulele version will rejuvenate you with a tropical energy, this romantic pop ballad sounds just perfect on a ukulele, a must try for beginners learning to play this instrument!
9. The Lazy Song
Year of Release: 2010 Artist: Bruno Mars
The Lazy Song wasn’t actually recorded on a Ukulele, but its rhythm and feel makes it a perfect song for playing it on the ukulele. Even more so true as the flavor and the theme of the song gives it a ukulele-like riff. This pop ballad takes us back on a nostalgia ride when we were just kids and did nothing all day. A perfect song to play on the ukulele.
8. Aloha Oe
Year of Release: 1908 Artist: Queen Liliuokalani
Queen Liliuokalani was the last ruling monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii known for her intellect, elegance and love towards music. Her most famous and best known pieces was written in 1878 called “Aloha Oe” which means Farewell to Thee!This classic has been performed by many artists and is the essence of the ukulele music.
Though Hawaiian songs are the best when it comes to the good old ukulele but not many of them get the popularity they deserve. Thanks to Lilo and Stitch movie, this old gem found its way into popularity. If you listen to it, you can feel the calm and serene Hawaiian winds surround you as you get engulfed by the astounding detail of the music.
7. Riptide
Year of Release: 2014 Artist: Vance Joy

When we said ukulele made its path into modern-pop, this is what we meant. Riptide by the Australian singer Vance Joy is one of the most recent songs to gain popularity in this field. Recorded on the ukulele, it uses the instrument perfectly in the original recording. Every time we listen to this song, it makes us want to just jump in a van, grab some of our closest friends and drive with no destination. A perfect example of a well written and executed modern pop song on the classic ukulele.
6. I’m Yours
Year of Release: 2008 Artist: Jason Mraz

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz is one the biggest selling singles he has ever released. Part of the credit goes to the unique music combining some of the most beautiful instruments, the ukulele and the guitar. The groove and the melody is sure to get you up on your feet.
5. Count on Me
Year of Release: 2010 Artist: Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars never cease to amaze us with amazing songs! This song combines the best of the classic instruments, the ukulele and bongos! This song sounds literally amazing on the uke and take you on a nostalgia trip back into childhood.
4. House of Gold
Year of Release: 2013 Artist: Twenty One Pilots

This Ukulele driver indie rock has a beautiful use of instrument. Combined with a Hawaiian riff and classic Twenty One Pilots music, results into a charts-breaking success! This song’s lyrics has so much meaning even though the music video is a little disturbing, I find that the music is amazing.
3. La Vie En Rose
Year of Release: 2014 Cover Artist: Cristin Milioti
We had to include this in the list! It is one of the most beautiful covers of La Vie En Rose on the ukulele. It marks the sad ending of the American Sitcom “How I met your Mother”. Just how beautifully the song is interpreted on the ukulele makes this song so much better.
2. Over the Rainbow / What a wonderful world!
Year of Release: 1993
Artist: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
One of the saddest and the most beautiful classic written on the ukulele. The song is the epitome of serenity and peace. Its simply beautiful, and perhaps beautifully simple. Rest in Peace Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, legends never die.
1. Hey, Soul Sister
Year of Release: 2009 Artist: Train
This beautiful song written by Train on the ukulele is just serene and peaceful, reminds of the time when life was simple and easy. The calm and crispy ukulele riff in the background perfectly suits the nostalgic mood set by the song. If you have any siblings, then you’ll relate heavily to the nostalgia and memories this song brings back. An ideal perfect song made on the ukulele.

That’s it guys! These are some of the best songs on the ukulele in our opinion. There are many more classics that are simply unparalleled in their music and deserve to be heard. If you haven’t heard any song on this list, be sure to check it out because it might as well make your day. Enjoy listening!

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