Hawaiian Ukulele Brands

The music mood can easily be spoiled if the right instruments fail to produce the right sound. This can especially happen when you are travelling from one place to another and you are unable to carry your favorite instruments. But this is the problem well handled by the ukulele family of music instruments. These instruments may have up to four gut strings which can be paired to make up six or eight strings. The instruments were first seen in the 19th Century.

They were an adaptation of the Portuguese Machete. The immigrants from Portugal brought them and later started making improvements. In the 20th Century, they have been wide spread and they have naturally gained great popularity worldwide. In modern times, they have been made in many brands, such as the Hawaiian brands. Some of the brands are as shown in the list below. Also note that these are specifically on Hawaii brands but there are some that are sub-products of Hawaii brands.

Kala: This is one of the most popular Hawaiian Ukulele brands. It has an appealing appearance with a fair size. With its small size which allows it to be carried around. But the most important fact is that it has the correct quality sounds ready to be produced in time.

Kala KA-C: When you consider this brand which belongs to the concert group, Kala KA-C happens to be simply the best. This is not to be compared with other types. But among the concert group of Ukuleles, it stands out as the best. In the comparison, many other factors can be considered. But with the quality sounds ready to come out, this one takes the day.

Mahalo: For beginners this is just the right type that will get them on the track. It has been recommended as the most popular for beginners. On the flip side, it also happens to be one of the most enjoyable even for experienced musicians. In other terms, even medium players can also enjoy this type with pleasure.

Mahalo Hano series MH2: It belongs to the concert group of Hawaiian Ukuleles. On the other hand, it is one of the most attractive and classic pieces of music instruments. Even if you try out different colors, the design here already has the needed appeal for the clientele.

Lanikai LU-21: When considering people that may be looking in some direction to get an instrument for the very first experience with Ukulele, this is the right choice. That is not all. Even intermediate players can also enjoy this brand. Additionally, this brand also comes with a unique body design and a good tone. To achieve the great results and end with a master piece, good materials are used and blended together in style.

Hola! MH21: This instrument comes from the soprano family of Hawaiian ukuleles. It has the whole body made of maple and this makes it look exceptional and attractive. With its solid body, it also enjoys excellent performance for the players. Finally, this is one of the brands with a well-balanced tone that can even help lead a beginner into getting settled and enjoy the music lessons with enthusiasm.

Luna Mahogany series Honu Soprano: This attractive instrument has a body made entirely of mahogany. The enhanced appearance is just the right additive that makes it stand out. But that is not all. It also has a general well designed body. To sum it up, it has a great tone which motivates the player whether playing for the first time or attempting to perfect the skill.

Oscar Shmidt OU5: With this acoustic guitar, there is room for enjoying an awesome experience. The material used is purely traditional and makes the Kulele take on an original stature. Therefore, it ends up proving to be the most traditional type when compared to other designs. The good design of this instrument is so professionally done that the body and neck are attractively blended. Finally it also has an excellent tone fit for the music it ends up producing.

Sawtooth ST-UKE-MS: After all the selections have been done, there is one more choice that still remains behind. This time, there is a well-defined instrument which has the whole body beautifully and professionally made of mahogany. With this kind of material, a standard and attractive design is put together is style. The attractiveness is of no use if there instrument can’t produce good music. Therefore, it has the good tone expected from such an instrument. After all, music was meant to be heard not seen.

Diamond Head DU-200C Deluxe: When all concert Ukeleles are put together, this is the type that stands out as the most traditional. The material of this instrument helps in the production of an excellent tone. It also works out well with the affordability that comes with this uke. Some consider it to be cheap, but that is not the main point. It has the ability to produce the needed sounds for the player.

Diamond Head DU-106 Rainbow Soprano: This is a design that makes for an exceptionally identifiable type. It thus comes in a variety of well finished and vanished colors. The tone of this Hawaiian Ukelele is just right for the instrument and hence produces the right quality sound for the listener. One of the most interesting attractive about this whole product is that it has the special ability to save some money while you enjoy your music. Therefore, it has the affordability needed for this product even for beginners.

Cordoba 15TM: This is a tenor Ukelele that makes work easier by allowing you to enjoy a clean finish. The clean finish is couples with a great shape with the materials that enhance the production of some good tone. It this has the ability to combine the great shape and the excellent output. Without a doubt, it is just the right type needed for the classic music composer enjoying himself in the comfort of his home.

Cordoba 2CM: The excitement of owning this piece of art starts with the fact that it has specially made strings to do an excellent job. Like all other Hawaiian ukuleles, it also has a specially shaped body which allows it to produce just the best tone for the type of instrument. In addition, it is an optimized volume, and resonance to produce just the tight string sounds when plucked. This is the masterpiece needed for the adventurous new beginner in the music industry.


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